Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change

In order to change the conversation on gender inclusion in the workplace we need a fresh point of view. This may come from applying a positive approach and asking what is going well already and what can we learn from it?

To Create a Coaching Culture at Work - Start with Ask

How do you build a coaching culture and can we do it quickly? The answer to these questions is simple at heart, and with focused attention I believe it is possible to create a coaching culture in any organisation.

But I Like Change, Don't I?

Have you recently experienced a change at work or in life? A new role, redundancy, or being a new parent? Changes are plentiful and unless we pay attention to the psychological process of transition, we can end up getting stuck.

How to Lead a Purpose-Driven Work Life

Do you have a strong connection between your purpose and your daily work? If not, you may feel work is harder and less rewarding, even if you’re doing something you really love. Jean Balfour talks about how to re-find this connection and bring back the spark.

How do I find time to coach as a manager?

Managers who use a coaching approach do more asking and less telling. They not only encourage their team to solve their own problems, they also believe they can. This is good for everybody as well as the organisation.

Are You Politically Savvy?

Organisational politics is the art of understanding the informal and formal networks through which decisions are made and being canny in working with these networks. The truth is that all organisations are political and we cannot avoid organisational politics if we want to both be successful in our roles and in our careers.

True Leaders AWOL in Brexit

An overriding feature of the campaign, both in the run-up to the vote and since the vote, has been the nature of leadership, or rather the lack of true leadership. Many commentators are describing how egos and politics have overridden the ability to present a balanced view.

Think, then act. Don't react and regret.

What is the difference between reacting and responding? Reacting is acting automatically with emotion, without thinking. It happens before you can consciously decide how it comes out. Responding is acting with consideration. It is more rational and thought through, and considers the whole of the situation, from all sides.

Invisible Threads are the Strongest Ties

Next time you are on a call or in a virtual meeting, take time to properly connect and touch base with the people you are talking to. You might be surprised how much better your experience is. Virtual doesn’t have to mean cut off.

In Praise of Curiosity

Inclusive leaders are curious leaders. They are not just curious about solving problems. They are also curious about the people they lead, what makes them tick, where their strengths lie, and when they are at their best at work.

Every Body Tells a Story

Actors' body language is driven by the internal expression of the character they are playing. But when presenting at work there is no character to draw on, there is only YOU.

5 Tips for Effective HR Business Partnering

HR plays a key role in the success of an organisation. It is responsible for the most important resource of all – people.

Empowering corporate functions to partner with the business

On the challenges faced by corporate functions teams, such as HR, IT and finance, when they are working with front line business, and the key to overcoming them.

On Coaching and Diagnosing

There was an interesting thing we’ve noticed while teaching health professionals how to use a coaching approach with their staff. We noticed that a coaching approach doesn’t always come naturally.

There is an I in Team

The best teams are all about the I’s - a group of diverse talents, people who bring their individuality to the team. A good leader knows how to let all these I’s shine and innovate.

Political Savvy and Authenticity

Many people think of office politics as a toxic pond they would rather stay out of. But people who are truly politically savvy are actually expressing open and authentic behaviour at work.

Empathy matters - in coaching and in leadership

Good coaches and good managers have something in common. They know how to listen and wait. They allow the other person to feel that they can actually solve their problem, and this is a very empowering feeling.

On confidence: guest blog at Gibson Dunn’s London Diversity Committee Newsletter

I have worked with both men and women dealing with confidence issues. Having worked with some quite confident senior women I see that this is not something that all women face. Having said that, it is more common for women to raise issues of confidence than men.

UAE Organisations And Women Embrace Organisational Politics And Personal Authenticity

I recently had a hugely enjoyable business trip to the Gulf. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to visit the region at a time when women's career development is such a talking point.

Women On Boards: Progress Made And Progress Needed

This week sees the launch of two important documents relating to the number of professional women on boards.

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