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Empower Leaders – Shape the Future of Work – Create a Coaching Culture

We turn good managers into confident and trusted leaders, efficient and aligned with their personal and corporate values. With relationships at heart and organisations in mind, we develop their leadership skills through coaching to pilot diverse teams in an increasingly fast and complex global environment.

Our approach is tailor-made to the specific needs of your organisation. For better efficiency, we provide blended learning, which combines face-to-face and online modules, with both interactive and e-learning sessions.

Our leadership solutions focus primarly on supporting the creating of a coaching culture through developing coaching skills.

Coaching is a Leadership Skill

Coaching skills are a core management and leadership capability. A coaching approach enables managers to empower employees and develop them. It also enables to delegate complex tasks that employees can then fully own. In their daily work, across various interactions with the team, when managers coach, rather then instruct and direct, employees learn faster and get a real sense of accomplishment and growth. The result is often higher engagement and stronger manager-team relationship.

Developing managers to use a coaching approach supports the creation of a coaching culture within an organisation. Using a coaching approach enables employees to learn on the job as well as creating conversations where they can talk, not just about the job itself, but about their development, their career and factors that are impacting on their performance at work. It supports them to feel valued and appreciated and encourages them to participate fully in helping the organisation to be successful. And perhaps most importantly enables the development of high quality conversations.

Coaching Skills Programmes

Our aim is to enable participants to use effective coaching skills as part of their leadership role. This will enable them to develop coaching skills and competence and feel confident to coach the people they manage or with peers.

We believe that you learn how to coach by coaching. Our programmes are based on experiential learning. We dedicate a lot of time to practice, in small groups and in pairs. Rather than role-play, we use real small-scale coaching conversations. Participants are encouraged to come to the programme prepared to be ‘coached’ on a few issues relating to their own work experience. They receive feedback on their coaching from other participants and the group facilitator. The facilitator also models all of the approaches and methods so that they are able to see how they will work in in real situations. Our aim is for participants to leave the workshop feeling capable and confident to start coaching at work.

    We run 1, 2 and 3 day programmes and these include :

    • An overview of core coaching skills
    • Experience of the GROW coaching model
    • Developed core coaching skills through in-depth practice of these skills including building rapport, listening and questioning
    • Developed coaching skills to help coachees set clear coaching goals at the beginning of a coaching conversation
    • Skills to have ‘coaching corridor’ conversations
    • Introduction to tools and models which support leaders who coach
    • A personal development plan for coaches including recommended reading
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