Our International Coach Federation (ICF) Coach Certification Programmes are focused on coaching at work and in organisations. Delivered in an online interactive classroom, they are designed to help you grow as a coach and a leader, wherever you are.

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Leaders who coach stand out from the crowd

Relationships at work matter. Technical skills are important but they can only go so far. The ability to develop effective relationships with the people you work with is a key differentiator in the workplace.

Leaders who invest in their people and help them grow in their work - help businesses grow. Organisations with a strong coaching culture have higher employee engagement and productivity. Using coaching at work helps you be a better manager and really stand out as a leader. Becoming a certified coach is not only enriching and rewarding - it also adds significant value to your role and your career.

Train as a coach with us

We specialise in preparing people to become coaches in organisations and work with clients on their careers and working lives. Our ICF accredited programmes help you to become a confident and competent coach.

Our programmes are delivered in an online interactive classroom. Sessions are easy to join from anywhere on any device, and run in APAC, Europe and Middle East time zones.


Our programme

Organisational focus

The content is designed to develop people to coach at work and in organisations. Our faculty and Mentor Coaches are highly experienced psychologists and leaders who have worked both in organisations and independently.

Online interactive classroom

Sessions are easy to join, one click from any device - mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop. Learn wherever you are - from work, from home, even when you are travelling. Session times are convenient and the user interface is friendly.

Practice-based approach

You learn to coach by coaching and receiving feedback. Step by step, you build competence, feel confident and develop your own coaching style. Students say our Mentor Coaches are very professional, focused, centered and balanced, and provide great feedback.

Expand your global network

Students come from a wide range of backgrounds, countries and cultures, which helps you coach across difference. Connect with like-minded people who will become your future network and form peer coaching relationships with them.

ICF certification

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the largest accreditation body recognised globally. We guide students through the ICF certification path. We explain and simplify the process make sure you feel ready to apply.

Alumni benefits

Great coaches continue to learn and develop. After you graduate you are invited to stay connected and join our alumni group. This includes having free lifetime supervision in a group where you can bring you own coaching cases and get support from your alumni peers.

What students say

"I immensely enjoyed this programme – the quality was exceptional end-to-end from the content, delivery, technology platform and relevance/diversity of the cohort. There is an excellent balance between learning the art of coaching as well as opportunities for self-reflection through the coaching practices. I would not hesitate to recommend this course!"

Senior VP, Human Resources, Financial services, Singapore

"In a virtual environment you feel very safe. It is special and unique as you are able to connect with people from all over the world who share the same curiosity of coaching from different backgrounds. By the end of the programme you have a special bond with your cohort."

Talent Management Partner, Health Care, Australia

"All the content was extremely valuable and insightful. When we finished the programme I felt confident to go out in the world and start coaching people."

"If you are looking for a programme which will offer you plenty of practice, where you will feel safe to get it wrong and see it as an opportunity to grow, an environment in which you can be yourself, where you can learn from others' experience, a programme that you can fit into a busy work-life schedule, as you can jump into the sessions from wherever you are, this is THE Coaching programme for you."

Head of Learning and Development, APAC, Law Practice, Singapore

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