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How is your Coach Certification Programme different from other programmes in the market?

Our Coach Certification Programme is focused on coaching at work and in organisations. While other programmes may teach life coaching, our programme develops competent and confident coaches who are adept at helping people perform at their best at work, develop in their career and reach their professional potential.

The entire programme is delivered online in an interactive classroom. Sessions are easy to join, one click from any device - mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop. Learn wherever you are - from work, from home, even when you are travelling.

Classes are delivered in flexible times, convenient for busy professionals located in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Europe time zones.

The programme’s design includes a lot of practice time in pairs and in small groups. Step by step, students build competence, feel confident and develop their own coaching style. Students say our Mentor Coaches are very professional, focused, centered and balanced, and provide great feedback.

Where can I get more details about the programme?

Our website has full details about our programme, please visit the Coach Certification page. If you have more questions, we are always happy to have a conversation about the programme and the ICF certification path. Please feel free book a call with us here.

Who designed the programme and who are the facilitators and Mentor Coaches?

Jean Balfour, Programme Director, is responsible for the vision and the design of the programme. Jean is a highly experienced executive coach, organisation consultant and facilitator with over 20 years track record in consulting to organisations globally and across sectors. Workshops and Mentor Coaching groups are facilitated by Jean and other faculty members. They are highly experienced psychologists and leaders who have worked both in organisations and independently.

Who should attend/can benefit from the programme?

The programme is open for psychologically-minded individuals who are interested in growing professionally and developing as coaches. Our students come from diverse backgrounds. Some are business leaders who would like to use coaching skills in their work and stand out professionally. Others are work in HR or Talent and benefit hugely from being able to use coaching skills as part of their role. Yet others may be in transition or taking a pause and would like to add new skills relevant to their career journey.

Becoming a certified coach does not only add significant value to your role and your career, it is also an enriching and rewarding experience in itself.

Are there any pre-requisites to join the programme?

The programme is open for psychologically-minded individuals who are interested in growing professionally and developing as coaches. The programme is focused on coaching at work and in organisations and so having a few years of work experience would help you to gain more from the programme and apply what you have learnt in the workplace.

Why is the programme only delivered online?

The programme is delivered online to allow maximum flexibility and fit the work schedule of busy professionals. Students join the programme from wherever they are - from work, from home, even when they are travelling. Sessions are easy to join, one click from any device - mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop. Session times are convenient and the user interface is friendly.

Students tell us they find the online environment very special, as they interact with people from a wide range of backgrounds, countries and cultures, and learn how to coach across difference. They connect with like-minded people who will become their future global network.

Why does the programme take 6 months or more to complete?

We believe that coaching is a skill that is best developed over time through in-depth training, lots of practice, observation and feedback. The 2 main components of the programme are delivered in short online sessions – mentor coaching groups are 1 hour long and workshops are 3 hours long. Level 1 takes 6 months, taking Level 1 and 2 is 12 months.

During the programme students have plenty of opportunities to practice coaching and observe others, in small groups and in pairs. They also have access to peer and mentor coaching and also some self-directed learning time.

We encourage students to coach outside the programme and gain as much experience as they can. Many students form peer coaching agreements with other students on the programme and build their coaching experience by additional practice.They then bring this to the Mentor coaching groups and discuss their experiences.

Will I get a certificate when I graduate from the programme?

Upon completing the programme’s graduation requirements you will receive a certificate, which is recognised by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

The certificate states completion of 76 coach-specific training hours including 10 hours or Mentor coaching. The programme meets with the requirements of the ICF’s Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) certification path. On completing both Level 1 and Level 2 you will receive an ICF recognised Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) certificate for 128 hours.

What is the programme fee? do you offer any installment option?

At present, the total cost of the programme is 4,900 Singapore Dollars. For level 1 and 2 together the total fee is 9,000 Singapore Dollars. Please email us at [email protected] to find out more about payment methods and monthly installment options.

I am interested in the programme, but I am not sure if I am ready to sign-up

Choosing a coach training programme is an important decision and you are right to take the time to find the right programme for you. This is why we are happy to help, free of charge.

We invite you to join a Preview session here and experience the online classroom, meet Jean Balfour and ask any question you may have.

We are always happy to book a one-to-one call with one of our consultants and have a conversation about your goals and how our programme fits in. Book it here.

Do you conduct the programme in any other foreign languages?

At the moment, the programme is conducted only in English. Our students come from all over the world, from a wide range of backgrounds, countries and cultures. For many of them English is not first language yet the all share a passion for coaching and for communicating with others, which helps transcend any language barriers.

Have any other question? Sign up for a preview session here or book a call with one of our consultants here.

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