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By utilizing this simple framework and checklist, coaches and leaders will be equipped to embark on a journey towards becoming more effective in their coaching roles. Let this checklist be your go-to guide for mastering the art of coaching.

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Free: Coaching Certification Programme  Preview

Free Taster Course (1 HR)

This taster course gives you an opportunity to witness a live mentor coaching session and how you can practise your coaching skills with peers and a master coach, sample a course material and get a sense of how the learning structure will be.

Free: Coaching Guidelines for Leaders


To equip you with actionable coaching skills, we’ve compiled 15 tips to help you build trust and rapport, set clear expectations whilst understanding your role as a leader in the coaching process.
Become a leader who empowers and facilitates real behavior change and unlock your coachees’ potential in your conversations today! Get instant access to the handbook here.

Level 1 – Coaching Certification  

ICF LEVEL 1 (ACC) • 77 Hrs (6 MONTHS)

We take you from novice coach to confident coach in 6 short months. Each subsequent part of the programme is designed to build upon the knowledge acquired in the prior modules.

As you gain confidence at each stage, you become ready to stretch your learning to the next level. Our Level 1 programme provides you with all the training education you need to become an ACC Level Coach with the ICF.

Level 2 – Coaching Certification 


At level 2 you learn theory and techniques to build on your coaching competence. You enhance your ability to be fully present with your client, taking them to deeper levels and bringing about enhanced growth and change.

By the end of Level 2 you have all the training requirements for an ICF PCC application. You just need to do your coaching hours.

ICF Coach Certification Information Session 

Info Session • 30 mins 

During the information session, learn more about our ICF-accredited programme and its curriculum, as well as the benefits of becoming a certified coach. Meet our experienced faculty member and ask any questions you may have about the programme. 

Podcast: Making Sense of Work 

Podcast • 30 mins

How’s Work at the Moment? We all work – and yet we often struggle with work. Even very ambitious people find parts of work difficult. This podcast is for you if you’d like to build a new and better relationships with your working life. We explore everything to do with our working lives, starting with how do we find our purpose, how do make sense of our organisations and what is the Great Resignation?

Why Professionals Train as an Accredited Coach With Us

At Bailey Balfour, we like to keep coaching simple. Bailey Balfour is an ICF-accredited training academy that offers the highest standards of coaching certification programme.

If you’re ready to become a better leader or a coach, we are here to help you grow and maximise your potential. We do this in a down-to-earth, hands-on way that is both fit for the workplace and easy to adopt in a busy schedule – wherever you are.

  • We enable leaders, coaches, scrum masters, HR and Talent and business owners to develop professional skills and gain a qualification
  • Learn and practise leading coaching theories and principles of psychology, neuroscience and organisational insights
  • We offer the most personalised learning experience in the market, with additional mentorship hours to help you achieve ICF requirements
  • One of our strengths is our diversity which offers a rich classroom learning experience online and fostering global networking opportunities.

ICF Level 1 Certification –
Associate Certified Coach Pathway

Estimated time: 6 Months | Training hours: 77 ICF training hours

Inside this programme, you will discover:

Be fluent and confident in using core coaching skills and follow a coaching model in a coaching conversation

Be familiar with the ICF framework of core competencies and able to apply an ethical coaching practice

Develop experience in setting a coaching agreement, providing feedback and, as part of the coaching process, holding clients accountable.

​Be skilled and empowered to take on coaching assignments with real clients in organisations

Igniting the Power of Great Coaches

One of our strengths is our diversity which offers a rich classroom learning experience online and fostering global networking opportunities. 


“Coaching has been hugely beneficial over my career. The insights, knowledge and skills I have gained as a client and a coach have ignited my courage to change focus and direction twice.

As a client, coaching provided a safe space and a structure to review my career, understand my values, strengths and interests, recognise the size of the gap, and make significant changes to move into more rewarding career and work.”

Mary O’Driscoll 

Director, Mary O’Driscoll Strategic Consulting and 
Lecturer, Griffith College Dublin

“I really appreciated the programmes’ focus on the development of skills such as self-awareness (during and outside of coaching sessions), presence, active listening, and attentiveness to one’s intuitions. This is in addition to the basic frameworks, tools, techniques, coaching communication styles and approaches, and ethical considerations that are important to know as a new coach.”

Samantha Whetstone

Professional Coach,
Citrinitas Coaching

“All the staff are very respectful and show great communication skills. In the Bailey Balfour Training you not only learn and improve essential skills, but you furthermore connect with other like-minded people. Bailey Balfour offers ethical, respectful quality Coaching Training!

A factor that especially stood out to me is the amount of experience and wisdom all the Mentor Coaches share with the attending coaches.”

Linda M. Milun

International Life & Leadership Coach, 
Founder of Refraction Coaching and Intercultural Consultant

Becoming a Coach Has Never Been Easier

100+ hours interactive workshops

Be at the forefront of cutting-edge theories, psychology and neuroscience. Gain access to valuable frameworks and tools that you can use to support your colleagues or peers in their journeys

Unlimited mentor coaching

Gain unlimited weekly access to mentor coaching to improve your coaching practice

Live virtual workshops

Immerse in a diverse and rich classroom learning experience and learn through group-based activities

Led by Master Coaches

Train with deeply experienced coaching faculty who’ll journey with you at every point

Online learning

100% virtual. Flexible training program for busy professionals

Business development support

Access lifelong membership with monthly supervision and a business development group to support your coaching ambitions after graduation.


Our course is accredited by the International Coaching Federation and fully recognized. 

Personalised learning hub

Gain unlimited access to coaching tools and tips, reading recommendations anytime anywhere

Global Alumni community

Train as a coach with leaders like you. Join a diverse network, foster lifelong relationships, and pave the way to success together

Become a Professional Certified Coach with

Bailey Balfour Today 

Our programmes meet the requirements of the official ICF (International Coach Federation). Once you will graduate with us, you will be a Bailey Balfour certified coach, able to apply for the ICF’s accreditation.



Curriculum co-created with master coaches

100% virtual – a flexible training program for busy professionals

Access your learning hub for an immersive learning experience

Monthly payment available at $1,100/mth over 10 months

Free events, monthly supervision with a Master Certified Coach, and business development group to support your coaching ambitions after graduation.

Let us know if you have any questions! We are here to help.

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