ICF Coach Certification

A virtual coach training programme

Our ICF Coach Certification programme runs virtually over a 6-month period and is open to participants from APAC, Middle East and Europe.

In this unique programme, participants become confident in coaching in a workplace setting and coaching clients about their working life. It is highly skills and practice based. Participants learn and imbed the core coaching skills in depth. They have plenty of time to practice and observe others in small groups during the programme. We augment that with modules about coaching in organisations and coaching tools and techniques.

The programme includes virtual classroom workshops, peer coaching, observed coaching, mentor coaching and also some self-directed learning time. Sessions are between 1-3 hours long, to fit a busy work schedule.

"You learn to coach by coaching"

"You learn to coach by coaching.
You practice again and again, you get feedback, and this is how you learn. The more you practice, the better coach you will be. This programme really teaches you how to coach."

Participator in the programme, August 2017

100% virtual

Our videoconferencing platform enables participants to learn together in a virtual classroom and practice coaching in small groups.

Bite-sized sessions

Designed for busy people. Sessions are between 1-3 hours long, to fit your work schedule. We also encourage practice between sessions.

Practice, practice, practice

Highly skills and practice based. Participants learn and imbed the core coaching skills in depth. They practice, get feedback and observe others in small groups.

ICF certification

The programme meets the requirements of the ICF’s Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) certification path.

What students say

"The program by Bailey Balfour has been an excellent course with relevant but diverse participants across global locations. Jean is an excellent facilitator, is highly responsive to questions and provides real time impactful feedback. Refreshingly, the technology platform used to connect with the global participants was faultless. Great course and highly recommended."

Participator in the programme, August 2017

Jean Balfour is the programme’s lead facilitator. She is a highly experienced executive coach, organisation consultant and facilitator with over 20 years track record in consulting to organisations globally and across sectors. In her practice, Jean specialises in executive coaching, leadership development and diversity and inclusion.

"An enlightening and enriching experience"

"The course has been an enlightening and enriching experience, both in learning self-awareness and key coaching skills. The flexible construct of the program works well for those with busy professional lives. The program has created a safe space to practice and develop my coaching style with great support from the facilitator and peers."

Participator in the programme, August 2017


By the end of the programme participants will
  • Be fluent and confident in using core coaching skills in depth and follow a coaching model in a coaching conversation
  • Be familiar with the ICF framework of core competencies and able to apply an ethical coaching practice
  • Have in depth experience of setting a coaching agreement, providing feedback and holding clients accountable as part of the coaching process
  • Have gained tools and techniques to help both themselves and their clients increase awareness and inspire change
  • Be skilled and confident to take on coaching assignments with clients in organisations and coach clients on their working life

What's included

42 hours of contact time in the large group in the form of virtual workshops.

22 hours of group coaching - peer and observed virtual coaching in small groups, including Mentor coaching. Observed coaching sessions with verbal feedback and written feedback.

12 hours of self-directed learning

76 ICF training hours in total



 1. Introduction to coaching conversations
 2. Coaching skills in depth
 3. Coaching tools and techniques
 4. Coaching at work and in organisations


Workshops will start w/c 15 January 2018 and will run on Mondays between 5:30-8:30pm, or Tuesdays between 2:00-5:00pm, Singapore time. Participants will be able to choose the cohort they would like to join.

Workshops for both cohorts will run for 6 months, with a few 1-2 weeks breaks in between – 14 workshops per cohort in total. The last workshop for both cohorts is scheduled to run in the first week of June 2018.

Coaching groups will be open for participants from both cohorts. They will start running after Module #1 has finished and will run 3-5 times a week on various times during the day.

Future cohorts will start on 23 May, 26 June and 16 July and will follow the same pattern of workshops and couching groups.



The programme is offered at a cost of 4,600 SGD. We also offer a monthly instalments option. We support card payments, PayPal payments, bank transfers and cheques. Students may apply for a refund after attending no more than 2 workshops. All refunds will incur an admin fee of 500 SGD.


We welcome applicants from any educational backgrounds and professional experience. Before admission, applicants are asked to complete an online application form followed by a short virtual interview with a lead facilitator. As the programme is delivered in English, we require applicants to have a good level of the language. During the programme, full attendance is expected.


Coaching hours

To be accredited by the ICF, students need to demonstrate they have had 100 hours of coaching experience with at least 8 clients following the start of their training. We do our best to help our students achieve this goal. We encourage students to pair up for peer coaching. We also do our best to connect our students with individuals who seek affordable coaching.


The tech side

Classes are run on a video conference platform. To join a class you will need to access the internet via your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. We ask all students to use a camera with audio - this can be either a microhpone or a telephone dial-in. Students access the programme's materials via a dedicated website. If you have any questions about the tech side, get in touch.

Well designed and very practical

"This program is well designed and very practical. In a very short period of time, you will begin to learn the nuances of effective coaching and receive generous feedback from the other delegates."

Participator in the programme, August 2017

Our philosophy

We believe that coaching is a skill that is best developed through observation of coaching and lots and lots of practice. Therefore our programme is heavy on both practice and observation.

Organisations with a strong coaching culture have higher employee engagement and productivity as they grow and nurture their talent. We support this through developing internal and external coaches who are adept at helping people perform at their best.


Drop us a line at contact@baileybalfour.com and we will send you information about upcoming programmes

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