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Senior Women Peer Coaching Group

Personal and Professional Growth Short Course

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Senior Women Peer Coaching Group


As women become more senior in organisations they can find themselves increasingly isolated. As many organisations struggle to achieve gender balance, senior women will often be in a minority in meetings.

Coupled with this, complexity and challenge are ever present in senior leadership. Herminia Ibarra describes senior leaders as experiencing an authenticity paradox – how to be both authentic and contextually relevant. This can be more challenging for women in organisations.

Peer coaching groups enable exploration of issues where there is no ‘cut and dry’ answer in a safe environment.

Participants can discuss topics relating to business challenges or strategy, personal development, career questions or how to lead during times of crisis.

This group, facilitated by Jean Balfour, will run for 6-months and meet for 2-hours each month. Members bring their own topics for discuss and with a structured process work towards gaining insights and creating actions.

The group provides an opportunity to build a support network with women across sectors and locations


Group Membership

Members of the group will be senior leaders. They will have responsibility for an area within the business and will have a minimum of 5 years of leadership experience.  The group members will be carefully selected to ensure there is no commercial conflict and therefore enabling participants to share their opportunities and challenges in safe and confidential environment.

The times and dates of the meeting will be agreed by group members at the first meeting. Each group is strictly limited to 8 participants.

Members will also have an option to have 2 x 1-hour one to one coaching with Jean.


How will the programme run?

Each session will include

  • A topic of focus – agreed in advance by the group. Jean will provide input on the topic and questions to stimulate conversation.
  • Individual time in the ‘hot seat’. 2 – 3 participants in each session will bring a challenge to the group for coaching and guidance. With the group’s help we will help the member think it through. This will be supported by a structured coaching process and guided by Jean.

The programme will be supported by a closed LinkedIn group for group members.



All our programmes are run virtually using Zoom. We require all participants to be on camera during live workshops/groups. We suggest you are working from a computer and are in a confidential setting.



The price for the programme is SGD 1,800 including the one to one coaching.

The next group/s will start in September 2022.

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September 2022 Programme

Next group/s will start in September 2022.

Our Facilitator

Jean Balfour

Jean Balfour

Jean Balfour is a Master Certified Coach who has worked with women in leadership for over 20 years. This includes coaching senior executives, designing and running leadership programmes for women, and running peer coaching groups.


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