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Learn How to Be a Mentor Who Coaches, Not Just Guides.


Have you ever had an inspiring mentor in your life? Or maybe you never had one and now you want to pay it forward to those in need. Whether you’re an experienced mentor or just starting out, in our upcoming masterclass, we want to equip you with the techniques needed to elevate your mentoring skills through a coaching approach.

Mentorship goes beyond offering advice. It’s about guiding, supporting, and inspiring others to realize their full potential. A mentor serves as a trusted advisor, a sounding board, and a source of encouragement. But to truly make a difference, a mentor can also adopt a coaching mindset, helping mentees uncover their own solutions and grow.

In this transformative masterclass, you will learn to:

  • Become an inspirational mentor
  • Understand the difference between mentoring and coaching
  • Establish and nurture a mentoring relationship
  • Navigate the stages of a mentoring journey
  • Apply coaching skills within the mentorship context

Join us and transform the way you mentor, making a profound impact on those you guide.


Meet our Speaker Jean Balfour


Jean Balfour has over 25 years of consulting and coaching with organisations. She brings a unique combination of being an ICF Master Certified Coach (3% of coaches worldwide) alongside an MSc in Organisation Consulting and wide experience of working as both an in-house and external coach and facilitator.

She is the Founder and CEO of Bailey Balfour, an ICF Accredited Coach Training Company. She held senior leadership roles in large organisations before setting up Bailey Balfour. She sees the interplay between individual performance and organizational effectiveness and works to help leaders makes these connections.

She believes that all organisations are highly relational and supports leaders to create robust relationships across the organization. She believes business success is driven by effective leaders who are self-aware and committed to their own growth and behaviour change.


Jean helps her clients to lead in diverse and global markets and across cultures. She is adept at helping her clients connect their personal strengths and leadership style to career success and achieving business goals. She draws on both psychological and organisational theories. She has a practical, results-oriented approach to coaching and her style is warm and challenging. Jean has a passion for supporting women’s career progression. She runs women in leadership programmes and has deep experience of coaching senior women.

Why is coaching essential in the workplace?

Enjoy our recent masterclass and learn a coaching approach to these challenges!  

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