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A 1-day programme isn’t enough to build lasting skills. We believe in a holistic approach to leadership development, under the guidance of experienced coaches. This ensures sustainable growth and behavior change over a span of 6 months.

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Emotional Intelligence

Benefit: Develops essential leadership competencies such as emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and team management.

Impact: Leaders are better equipped to inspire and guide their teams and themselves resulting in improved team performance.

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Career Coaching

Benefit: Helps leaders create career plans and have conversations on  career transitions, promotions, development.

Impact: Leaders become more proactive in their career development, leading to greater personal fulfillment and professional growth.

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Coaching Frameworks

Benefit: Provides structured approaches and models for coaching, ensuring impactful outcomes in short bursts of times.

Impact: Leaders can implement proven coaching methodologies to support their team’s development, driving sustained improvements.

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Neuroscience and Psychology

Benefit: Provides insights into brain functioning and human behavior, enabling leaders to understand and influence their teams more effectively.

Impact: Leaders can create more engaging and motivating work environments, leading to higher employee satisfaction and productivity.


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Powerful Questioning and Facilitation

Benefit: Leaders will ask impactful questions and effectively manage  interactions, ensuring productive and inclusive participation.

Impact: Leaders facilitate deeper understanding and collaboration, harnessing team intelligence for innovation, and better decision-making.

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Executive Coaching

Benefit: Leaders are able to enhance strategic thinking and decision-making abilities, improving their leadership presence, and fosters resilience in high-pressure environments. They’ll also help their team harness this ability.

Impact: Leaders become more effective in navigating complex organizational challenges and driving business success.

We Train Senior Leaders, HR Professionals and Executives from Fortune 500 and Other Leading Companies.

Our students are VP leaders and above at Standard Chartered, Société Générale, Herbert Smith Freehills, Schroders, Manulife, Abbvie Pharmaceutical, Clifford Chance, Accenture, Microsoft, Meta, INSEAD, Linkedin and KPMG.

“Through this programme I have become far more than a coach. I am a better leader, listener and manager as a result.”

– From an Alumni, A Venture Principal

Coaching is More than a Leadership Style, it’s a Learnt Skill

In today’s dynamic environment, senior leaders are expected to transform not only the business but also its people. While they are responsible for the bottom line, the true driver of these results is the people within the organisation.

With increasing pressures, maintaining a relational approach can be challenging. However, with strong coaching skills, leaders build trust, communicate better, and foster a supportive, high-performing culture.

Key Capabilities of Coaching Leaders

  • Developing Others:  Leaders have impactful conversations on performance, give good feedback, have career planning conversations and display emotional intelligence in day-to-day.
  • Influencing Stakeholders:  Leaders skillfully influence both internal and external senior stakeholders, enhancing collaboration and decision-making through curtiosity, active listning and empathy. 

  • Driving Change: Leaders leverage a coaching approach to effectively partner with the business and drive change at senior levels.

Why Bailey Balfour is Trusted Among Leaders


Designed for Busy Leaders

Our program is 100% virtual and includes a mix of on-demand content and live online courses. It is designed to fit around busy schedules.

We a Global and Diverse Community

We are Singapore-based and we train students from the UK, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa. This prepares our students to coach in a multi-national environment and listen to diversity. 

Designed based on Iterative Learning

Our programme emphasises the “practice and refine” cycle under the guidance of experienced coaches, ensuring you become a competent and confident coach over several months. 

"The coaching journey with the Bailey Balfour team has empowered me to help others achieve their goals with greater clarity and confidence! I am grateful for all their guidance"

Eleni Symeonidou
Talent Management and DEI professional

Train with Elite Coaches

Learn from the best. Our faculty members are seasoned executive coaches with extensive senior leadership experience.

Unlimited Mentorship Support

At Bailey Balfour, we stand out by offering Unlimited Mentorship Support to our coaching students. This unique advantage means your leaders will have continuous access to experienced mentors guiding them through every step of their coaching journey. Our mentors provide personalised feedback, real-world insights, and ongoing encouragement to ensure your success.

PCC Qualified with > 10+ Years Exp.

At Bailey Balfour, we take pride in our team of highly trained and experienced trainers. We only select PCC level coaches with 10+ years of experience to train our students.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that every trainer is an expert in their field and excels at delivering engaging and impactful training sessions.

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