Business Partnering

Corporate functions in organisations, such as HR and IT, play a key role in the delivery of services to clients and yet are often overlooked when developing the business or empowering staff. These employees can feel like "second class citizens" in relation to their client facing colleagues. We believe that the effective partnering of all teams involved in providing a service to clients improves the efficiency and the quality of that service.

Using a coaching and consulting approach, we equip corporate functions to confidently and effectively partner with colleagues across the organisation.

As a result, corporate functions are able to more clearly define their role in the delivery of the service to the client, and client facing services are able to articulate their requirements better. Everyone experiences enhanced working relationships and better outcomes for clients.


  • Gain core skills of business partnering
  • Feel confident to use a coaching approach when working with business partners
  • Know how to be strategic and influence others
  • Build effective working relationships
  • Have strategies for managing time and projects
  • Confidently have challenging conversations
  • Apply a wide range of consulting skills to current work scenarios
  • Feel empowered and equal in delivering a service

Suitable for all people
Some of the material can be covered over webinar and e-learning
Available as 1, 2 and 3-day programmes

How to effectively partner with the business

Jean Balfour talks about the complex challenges people from corporate functions face in the organisation. Our programme helps them build effective relationships with the business and show them how to use a consulting approach with their internal clients. This helps them build confidence and increase their ability to influence in the workplace.

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