Board and Team Development

What clients say about us

"With the appointment of a brand new top team, Jean helped us accelerate our team building from scratch, which was vital for our company to maintain momentum. She was perceptive in taking the brief, brought helpful best practice from other companies into the room, so we could apply it where relevant, and combined it with her own insights into our working patterns and behaviours that can only come from deep experience in facilitation and coaching. Authoritative, curious and pragmatic, she has been a critical partner in our team's growth."

CEO, Health and Leisure sector

Board and Executive Team Development

In any organisation, the leadership style and behaviours of the senior team is critical to the success of the whole. The effectiveness of this team has a direct impact on the functioning of the organisation and its future.

Boards and executive teams are required to be both operational and strategic. They require a high level of trust along with a confidence to challenge and bring difference of opinion to the table.

We work with the board and executive teams of organisations to keep a sharp focus on both the functioning of the board/executive team, whilst ensuring the team is impacting positively in leading the organisation and ensuring accountability to key stakeholders.

We include

  • Effectiveness surveys
  • Feedback from the organisation
  • Team coaching over a series of off-sites
  • Meeting observation
  • One-to-one coaching
  • Personality profiling

Team Development

"Not finance, not strategy, not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare."

Patrick Lencioni

High performing teams deliver top quality results. In our increasingly pressurised environments we require teams to move toward high performance as quickly as possible. Our team development programmes accelerate this move.

Using a range of methods we facilitate teams to

  • Build high levels of trust
  • Draw on the strengths of individual members
  • Embrace difference of opinion and style
  • Jointly commit to team results and actions
  • Have fun whilst doing this

"Jean was a breath of fresh air. She identified the key issues both for the project and the team, and she helped us to realise our potential."

Neuroscience researcher who attended our team development programme

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