A few words about us

Bailey Balfour is an organisation development and training consultancy. We specialise in executive coaching, diversity and inclusion, leadership development and board and team development.

Lead by Jean Balfour who opened the UK branch in 2001, Bailey Balfour has grown to provide consulting services globally. We work in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and UK.

We design our training programmes and coaching packages specifically for today’s workplace, which spans multiple countries, cultures and time zones.

We believe that face-to-face is not the only way of learning. We are skilled at translating our content for various media, while keeping it as relevant and as fresh as a face-to-face interaction. Our blended learning solutions support a range of delivery methods.

Our clients include financial services and banking, legal and professional services, technology services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, construction and engineering and start-ups.

What makes us different?


Every organisation’s context is unique and no single solution fits every organisation. We partner with our clients to match our expertise with the solution that best fits their needs. We listen, reflect back, test and revise until we get it right.


We love a good theory but from our experience, practice helps to bring theory alive and enables people to apply the learning. Our workshops build in time for participants to test the learning for themselves and implement the change.


As an extreme view, there is no such thing as an organisation, only a series of people, relationships and processes. We believe relationships are key to organisational success and across our programmes we aim to change the quality of conversations people have.


We all live in a busy global working environment, where time is precious. We design our programmes to be truly blended - delivered face-to-face and virtually – while maintaining a high quality learning experience.

What clients say about us

"I’ve been fortunate to have worked with Bailey Balfour for some years now. Jean has delivered a range of very diverse projects for me globally – from team development programmes and facilitation (including large-scale events), executive coaching and development programmes. She has a dynamic, impactful and highly participative style and her consulting draws upon very contemporary approaches and research. Jean’s executive coaching is intelligent, challenging, practical and supportive. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge about organisations, people and change and brings that to her practice in an integrated and eminently practical way. Highly recommended."

Wayne Mullen, Head of Global Leadership and Capability, King

Jean Balfour

Our experienced team of facilitators and coaches is led by Jean Balfour. Originally from New Zealand, Jean is an accredited executive coach and organisation consultant with over 20 years experience. She specialises in executive coaching, leadership development and diversity and inclusion.

Jean's passion and expertise help individuals and teams to maximise their strengths and tackle challenges effectively. With a solid reputation for quickly building trust, Jean has a proven track record of helping clients to implement new patterns and behaviours that lead to improved performance throughout the workplace.


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For example, we run regular Lunchtime Webinars on topics close to our hearts. Past webinars included topics such as: Emotional Intelligence, Peer coaching, Managing virtual teams, Effective Networking, Managing multigenerational teams and Myers–Briggs® MBTI®. Webinars are recorded - you can find them on our YouTube channel.

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Bailey Balfour Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. is registered in Singapore. Company no. 201512731D

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Bailey Balfour Consulting Ltd. is registered in England and Wales. Company no. 4785477

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