Coach Certification

Confidence in coaching is all about practice. Our programme prepares students to coach in a workplace setting and coaching clients about their working life.


Our coaching packages are designed to meet the needs of a busy and diverse global organisation. We offer phone coaching as well as face-to-face.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are key to business success. Our programmes help teams to address biases they may not even realise they hold, and to embrace differences.

Leadership and People Skills

Strong relationships at work are key to business success. Effective conversations in the workplace have the power to engage and empower your team.

What students say

"The program by Bailey Balfour has been an excellent course with relevant but diverse participants across global locations. Jean is an excellent facilitator, is highly responsive to questions and provides real time impactful feedback. Refreshingly, the technology platform used to connect with the global participants was faultless. Great course and highly recommended."

Participator in our Coach Certification programme, August 2017

Blended Learning

Today’s workplace spans multiple countries, cultures and time zones. Teams are required to work closely and efficiently even when they are not in the same physical office. It is also very difficult to get people out of their daily tasks for training. The busier the environment is, the more essential is it to make time for development and growth. We believe that people development should catch up with these changes and provide flexible ways for developing people at work.

We design our training programmes and coaching packages specifically for this type of working environment. We work to stay relevant, inspiring and fresh despite the physical challenges. Participates on our programmes not only learn new skills, they also learn how to use them in this type of environment by practicing them virtually.

We believe that face-to-face is not the only way of learning. We are skilled at translating our content for various media, while keeping it as relevant and as fresh as a face-to-face interaction.

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